A Kona "Good Works" Initiative

Since Kona first launched its AfricaBike program in 2006, we've helped with the donation of nearly 4,000 bicycles to healthcare workers, schools, water monitoring officers, and good-will organizations throughout Africa. Originally designed to assist those treating HIV and AIDS patients, the AfricaBike is designed to be a durable, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution to the transportation issues currently affecting millions of people throughout the world's developing nations.

The Bike

The Kona AfricaBike and its smaller sibling, the AfriKid bike is made using durable cromoly steel with a step through top tube design enabling comfortable and confident riding for people of all ages and fitness levels. It features an integrated rear rack and front basket for carrying loads, a singlespeed internal coaster brake, rear wheel lock, and kickstand. Everything on the bike is designed for durability and easy to repair. Tough rims, flat resistant tires and simple, durable components round out a bike designed specifically for the rough and tumble world of sub-Saharan Africa.

"At Kona we realize that bikes aren't just a means to recreate or stay in shape," says Dan Gerhard, one of Kona's founders. "Bikes represent freedom, a way to move affordably and efficiently between places separated by large distances. The Kona AfricaBike is all about offering that freedom to people whose lives can be dramatically improved by it."

Current Projects

Currently the Kona AfricaBike Program is working with A Better World Canada to design a specific kids specific AfriKid bike for children in rural Kenya who must commute up to 14 kilometres one way to school. Over 500 bikes will be donated to the primary school in early 2012.

Past Projects

Over the past five years, Kona has worked with numerous non-governmental organizations specializing in aid assistance to African countries. Groups Kona has worked with include:

A Better World Canada
88 Bikes
HopeFirst Foundation
BikeTown Africa
Baylor Tingathe Community Outreach Program
Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation
Foundation Rwanda

For more information and press on past Kona AfricaBike initiates, visit our AfricaBike blog.


Basic Needs

Due to the overwhelming customer support of our AfricaBike initiative, Kona set up a non-profit/humanitarian organization based out of our European HQ in Geneva, Switzerland. Called Kona Basic Needs,the organization's aim is to continue to raise more funds and awareness of the Kona AfricaBike program and to continue the donation of these bikes as a critical tool in helping provide transport, shelter, food and water to those in need.

How to Get Involved

Basic Needs is set up specifically to take donations that are then channeled through to our AfricaBike program. Basic Needs is entirely focused on increasing people's quality of life via the freedom inherent to the bicycle: whether it be a woman fetching water, a child going to school, or a healthcare worker monitoring their patients, in a person's lifetime a bicycle can save years of time and effort doing the simplest tasks. If you wish to contribute to Basic Needs, click the Donate button.

For larger NGO's and Humanitarian Organizations looking to partner with Kona on significant bicycle donations, please contact Kona's Global Communications Director, Mitchell Scott: