No matter the complexity that tries to invade your day-to-day, there's a place where the rules are always the same. It's a place where effort is graced with reward, where the moment reigns supreme, and all the worry and want of the modern world is washed away in a tide of brown and green. It's called "trail," and we build some of the world's most incredible vessels for riding them. Ah, yes, the ways of the world are quite simple, especially when you're on board an expertly crafted mountain bike.

cinder cone


Plan on having this bike for the rest of your life, because we designed it that way. We've focused solely on providing you with endless freedom and fun on one of the mountain bike industry's longest-running models. While our 2012 Cinder Cone is by far the most refined to date, with contemporary geometry and a modern look, the legend still has a long life ahead. Feel free to jump on for the ride.


Frame Material Kona Race Light 7005 Aluminum Butted
Sizes 14", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 22"
Rear Shock N/A
Fork RockShox Recon TK 100mm
Crankarms Shimano M521
Chainrings 42/34/24
B/B Shimano
Pedals Wellgo LU-A9
Chain Shimano HG53
Freewheel Shimano HG50 11-34 9 spd
F/D Shimano Alivio
R/D Shimano SLX SGS
Shifters Shimano Alivio
Brake Calipers Avid Elixir 1
Front Brake Rotor Avid G2 180mm
Rear Brake Rotor Avid G2 160mm
Brake Levers Avid Elixir 1
Headset TH No. 10
Handlebar Kona XC/BC Riser
Stem Kona XC/Road
Seatpost Kona Double Clamp w/offset
Seat Clamp Kona QR
Grips Kona Race Light
Saddle WTB Valcon Sport SE
Front Hub Formula Disc
Rear Hub Shimano M475 Disc
Spokes Stainless 15g fr / 14g rr
Rims Mavic XM119
Front Tire Maxxis Aspen 26x2.1
Rear Tire Maxxis Aspen 26x2.1
Paint Color Blue/Blue/White
Extras N/A
inches 14 22 72.5° 68° 16.5 25 41.5 18.6 1.5 12 28.7 3.9 73mm 31.8mm 21.7 15.1
inches 16 23 72.5° 68° 16.5 26.1 42.6 18.6 1.5 12 29.6 4.7 73mm 31.8mm 23.4 15.9
inches 17 23.5 72.5° 68.5° 16.5 26.5 43 18.6 1.5 12.2 30.3 5.1 73mm 31.8mm 22.6 16.3
inches 18 24 72.5° 68.5° 16.5 27 43.5 18.6 1.5 12.2 30.9 5.5 73mm 31.8mm 23 16.7
inches 19 24.5 71.5° 68.5° 16.5 27.1 43.6 18.6 1.5 12.2 31.7 6.1 73mm 31.8mm 23.6 16.5
inches 20 25 71.5° 68.5° 16.5 27.6 44.1 18.6 1.5 12.2 32.3 6.5 73mm 31.8mm 23.9 16.9
inches 22 26 71° 68.5° 16.5 28.5 45 18.6 1.5 12.4 33.6 7.1 73mm 31.8mm 24.3 17.6
GEOMETRY LEGEND: RC = Chainstay Length BBH = Bottom Bracket Height
FC = Front To Center SO = Standover
TTH = Top Tube Length WB = Wheelbase HT = Head Tube Length
STA = Seat Tube Angle FL = Fork Length BBS = Bottom Bracket Size
HTA = Head Tube Angle OF = Fork Offset FD = Front Derailleur Clamp Size
Note: All Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice


Kona Race Light 7005 Aluminum

Kona Race Light 7005 is a lighter, more performance-oriented fabrication of our 7005 Aluminum tubing. Designed to meet Kona's discerning race specifications, Race Light 7005 uses custom butting to create thicker tubes at weld areas and at important parts of the frame, providing incredible strength and torsional integrity to the ride. We remove wall thickness in other parts of the frame set to lighten up the bike, providing the perfect balance between quickness and stiffness. The emphasis here is on performance, lightness and speed built the Kona way: a Kona Race Light 7005 bike will get you to the podium for years to come.

Sloping Toptube

Kona recognized the advantages of sloping toptube frame design right from the beginning. Designed by inaugural MTB-Hall-of-Fame legend Joe Murray back in 1988, the very first Konas were some of the first mountain bikes to feature sloping toptubes (STT). As a company we've stayed true to this philosophy, going so far as to pioneer the design in road bikes long before its benefits were understood by most of the industry. Because of the many positives STT design brings to overall bike performance and comfort, you'll find it today throughout our entire line of road, commuter and mountain bikes.

Here's why: Firstly, STT design allows the toptube to be lower, providing more room for correct positioning and free body movement and enabling more standover clearance, which is particularly useful on dual-suspension bikes that have higher bottom brackets. Riders have a more secure riding position, a real benefit when riding downhill sections.

Secondly, a big benefit of STT is a longer and more compliant toptube. As the top and downtube become more parallel, there's less triangulation, resulting in more compliancy. Not only is the frame stronger and more responsive, but it absorbs more shock than frames with horizontal toptubes.

Compact Rear Triangle

Short chainstays and seatstays provide a perfect balance of stability and power transfer when out of the saddle and pedaling hard. Shorter seatstays also have less deflection during braking and accelerate faster than longer stays. The shorter rear triangle also helps the bike to negotiate tight-twisting sections of trail. Our new Entourage short-travel downhill bike is a good example of an incredibly compact rear triangle. Our goal was to create a bike that was easy to jump and trick, and could also corner aggressively. With seatstays measuring just 415mm, we've created one of the most nimble short travel DH bikes in the industry.

Superplastic Formed Tubing

Superplastic Forming (SPF) uses high temperatures to shape aluminum tubing when the tube structure is in its most "plastic" and formable state. SPF creates better tube shapes that cannot be produced using traditional forming techniques. Whereas shape designs can be applied to between 20 and 30 per cent of the tube using hydroforming, SPF means 90 per cent of the tube can be shaped, resulting in more optimized shapes and less weight. SPF tubes are the perfect alternative to the infinitely more expensive carbon fiber, and they are comparable in weight and performance, without the accompanying disadvantages. SPF tubes are also recyclable.

SPF Tubing is featured on the following Kona 2012 models: Mina, Blast, Cinder, Caldera, Kahuna and Mahola.

Internal Headset

By having the headset bearing located inside the headtube (called zero stack), rather than the top and bottom, we are able to achieve a number of advantages when it comes to front-end stiffness, durability and overall riding performance. The major benefit of an internal headset is the extra layer of protection it provides the bearings against the elements. Additionally, the bearings are commonly available angular contact bearings, which are easily and inexpensively replaced. An internal headset also reduces stack height, so the height of the stem and bars are more adjustable, giving the rider the best fit possible.

Kona Sizing and Fit

Sizing and fit have always been one of the main strengths of the Kona Ride. With more stock sizes available than any other bike company, our size scale is designed to be continuous from platform to platform and is easy to understand from the perspective of the consumer because our simplified system allows easy fine-tuning that creates a perfect marriage of bike and rider.

On our Trail/All-Mountain and XC Race bikes, we feature longer toptubes coupled with shorter stems and slightly shorter headset stack heights. The steps between sizes are at half-inch to one-inch increments, with up to seven sizes that can range from 14 to 22 inches on many models. In the asphalt range, size gaps are at even 15 to 20mm steps. There are still up to six sizes, from 46cm to 61cm on most models.

When it's called for, seat posts are either offset or straight to maximize the reach and power output of the rider. More importantly, our comprehensive bike sizing allows Kona dealers and riders to determine their fit more easily from model to model and category to category.

Lifetime Warranty

Kona warrants to the original owner that their new Kona bicycle frame purchased from an authorized Kona dealer shall be free of defective materials or workmanship for the lifetime of ownership by the original owner. This warranty is limited to five years for carbon fiber frames and three years for electric pedal-assist frames.

During this warranty period, Kona shall repair or replace, at its sole option, the bicycle frame if Kona determines the frame is defective and subject to this limited warranty. The original owner shall pay all labor and shipping charges connected with the repair or replacement of the bicycle frame. Please see the Kona owner's manual, provided with your bicycle, for additional information.

  • RockShox Recon Silver fork
  • Shimano SLX rear derailleur
  • Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Mavic XM119 rims
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